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2 weeks duration

made with Pamavoc, Marie Majou, Evan Martin and Ludwig Pilicier

The brief of the project was to digitally augment a work of your choice from the art nouveau gallery of the Musée d'Orsay. We chose "La Main aux Algues" by Emile Gallé (1904) for its unique and intriguing story. The idea of our project is to learn more during his visit thanks to a QR code. We wanted to develop the context of the production of the work of art, which is often not introduced but very interesting to know in order to better understand the work.





short casestudy


We observed the works in the Art Nouveau galleries of the Musée d'Orsay

Some works had stories to tell:

-A particular context of creation.

-Special manufacturing techniques.

-A strong symbolism.

chosen piece :

La Main aux Algues d’Emile Gallé (1904)

Unique, intriguing and with a history that is still mysterious today, this work was an obvious choice for us.


diagnosed problem

During a visit, we can be frustrated not to be able to learn more about the work

proposed solution

By scanning a QR code near the work you are interested in, discover the details of the latter with a dedicated website.

Our ambition is to allow each visitor to learn more about a work of art during their visit to the museum.


Here is what the user will see after scanning the QR code

a home page with Emile Gallé in his office working

an insight into the artist's ideation and sketching process

a vision on the colorization process of the sketch

a 3D model of the working environment of emile gallé with several references to his personal life

a space with points of interest to explain certain parts of the work

the details of the explained part in question

visit the (wip) website